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City of Pacifica Refutes Bike Stand Injury Claim

BikePacifica Pier bike stand has been removed.

The City of Pacifica denies it is at fault in response to Pacifican Vanessa Edmundson's civil suit (CIV537576), which seeks unspecified monetary damages for injuries claimed from tripping over a concrete bicycle stand at Pacifica Pier in January 2015. The city filed a pretrial statement May 13, 2016, stating: "Plaintiff, in the scope and course of her employment, tripped over a cement block bicycle stand that was located in plain view. Plaintiff contends that she fell and sustained injuries. The location of her fall was not in a dangerous condition, as a matter of law, and plaintiff's fall was the result of her failure to exercise due care. Furthermore, defendant had no notice of any dangerous condition at the plaintiff's fall location."

Plaintiff Edmundson filed a pretrial statement May 16, stating: "Plaintiff tripped and fell over a large cement block on a public sidewalk, suffering injuries to her head, neck, shoulder, and extremities. Plaintiff's medical expenses and wage loss is unknown."

A pretrial conference takes place Thursday, May 26 in San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City in an effort to seek resolution.

Alan Wald

The Quarry & Fair Political Practices

FPPC 410

Above is the California Fair  Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Form 410 filed by the "preserve the quarry" folks. This is the initial statement of organization. The San Rafael address is the same as that of the law firm that wrote the initiative, Nielsen Merksamer Parrinello Gross & Leoni LLP. The only Pacifica mention (besides the quarry) is P.O. Box 1223. They mention that the major funder is a real estate developer, with the same address as Paul Heule, owner of the quarry. One thing that isn't on this document is their FPPC ID number (this is basically their application for that number). It is useful for searching the FPPC site for further statements. We think the next one is due at the end of July. The FPPC ID number is 1384849.

Major Court Cases of Interest in Pacifica

•Vanessa Edmundson vs. City of Pacifica (CIV537576): Case management conference set for May 26, during which the judge may set a trial date. Edmundson seeks monetary damages for injuries claimed from tripping over a cement bicycle stand at Pacifica Pier.

•The People vs. Ana Reepen (case number NF437696): Jury trial begins June 20 in Superior Court, Redwood City. Reepen faces three felony charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, resulting from the Highway 1 head-on collision that killed Pacifican Bruce Ross Bernor. Reepen remains free on $250,000 bail.

•John Straight vs. City of Pacifica (CIV535685): Mediation session set for June 23; estimated five-day jury trial set for September 26. Straight seeks monetary damages for injuries claimed from falling into a Hickey Boulevard manhole when its cover gave way. Attorney Gregg Thornton represents the City of Pacifica.

Alan Wald

Resist Density: MidPen in Denial

Resist Density

"MidPen, in league with Supervisor Don Horsley, has clearly not listened to our community’s concerns. They have decided to push forward with this project, which will overwhelm our limited infrastructure and compound traffic problems on the coast. For MidPen to ask for our input on trivial factors like building aesthetics without first addressing issues such as traffic, lack of walkability or public transit, isolation from groceries and community-oriented services, and environmental impacts, is putting the cart before the horse. It is disingenuous for MidPen to purport it has received any meaningful design contributions from the community, when the vast majority of residents are opposed to building this out-of-scale development in a location which makes no sense." (

Sierra Club Hike Discount for Ages 18-30

Mammoth Crest to Silver Divide: John Muir Wilderness, California 

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