Do you have an issue that you believe would merit attention by the San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury? An investigation suggestion form is available here: The Grand Jury covers county agencies and departments, cities, special districts, and public schools within San Mateo County. One way the Grand Jury becomes aware of potential investigation topics is through suggestions made by the public. The Grand Jury has been called a “watchdog,” in that it investigates whether local governments are following legal requirements. It also looks at whether government operations are performed efficiently and effectively. It looks for opportunities for greater coordination among local governments. It identifies significant public issues or problems that may not be getting sufficient attention. Normally, the Grand Jury does not review specific government decisions or policies. Grand Jury reports are published on its website. The reports are advisory in nature, although local governments must respond in writing to any Grand Jury findings and recommendations. Investigation suggestion forms are available through the Office of the Superior Court Executive, or through the Grand Jury’s website. All suggestions are confidential and all Grand Jury investigations are confidential: