The Sanctuary City ordinance is on the Pacifica City Council agenda Monday, September 25 at 7 p.m., Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Boulevard, Sharp Park, Pacifica.

The ordinance is intended to protect immigrants in our community, to support a relationship of trust between immigrants and the Pacifica Police, and to conserve PacificaÕs limited resources.

The ordinance is likely to come up after several other agenda items. There is an opportunity for the public to speak after city staff explains the proposal. Please put in a yellow speaker card when you come to the meeting. Public comments are generally limited to 2 or 3 minutes. The agenda for the meeting will be posted by September 22. 

At the September 11 meeting, many people spoke eloquently about the need to make Pacifica a Sanctuary City. HereÕs the link to that meeting so you can hear what people said:

ItÕs important for people to show up again on September 25. If you canÕt come to the meeting, please email the council members and tell them to pass the Pacifica Sanctuary City Ordinance. Your voice is crucial at this time.

Sample Email: Please pass the Sanctuary City Ordinance for Pacifica. We want Pacifica to be a community that recognizes the contributions of immigrants who live and work here, and welcomes everyone regardless of their documentation status. Because of all the recent national anti-immigrant actions, it is urgent to pass this ordinance in Pacifica and show our support for immigrants.

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Thanks for your support.

Pacifica Social Justice