Sierra Club Supports Pacifica Measure C


The Sierra Club announces its endorsement and support of a Yes vote on Pacifica Measure C on the November 7 ballot. The Sierra Club is keenly concerned about environmental justice and the displacement we are witnessing in our Bay Area communities.

The state of California is experiencing an extreme housing crisis. The state talks about building more housing, but continuously adds highly paid job spaces at a rate that housing construction cannot keep pace with. Because these jobs are usually filled by skilled workers moving into the area, which increases competition for living space, we believe that the only short-term option for many lower-income people is rent stabilization. Measure C helps those of our neighbors who happen to be the most vulnerable.

Rents increased in Pacifica by 51% from 2010 to 2015 and have only gotten much worse since.

Pacifica’s Measure C will protect 2,200 apartment units in Pacifica from egregious rent increases and allow seniors, working families, and individuals to remain in their homes.

Apartment owners will have a fair rate of return, and increases will be tied to 100% of inflation under Measure C. Once the tenant moves out – and is not unfairly evicted — the apartment owner can bring the unit to whatever level of rent he or she chooses. The cost of running the program will be paid for by a fee on apartments.

This small step is all that state law currently allows, but it does protect the people least able to manage huge rent increases and displacement. The Sierra Club asks its members to support that small step by voting Yes on Measure C.