Prime Dip: I Think It's Turning Japanese

New Restaurant

A Japanese restaurant with the unpronounceable name Uoyakutei has moved into the old Prime Dip site, where the weeds had grown as high as the roof. We wish them luck, and maybe Alan Wald will have some fun with their name. Grand Opening signs are up on the building now. Please review the food and service, then hit the Comments link below this post to share your review. Keep it friendly but honest.

Major Court Cases of Interest in Pacifica

•John Straight vs. City of Pacifica (CIV535685): Estimated five-day jury trial set for September 26. Straight seeks monetary damages for injuries claimed from falling into a Hickey Boulevard manhole when its cover gave way. Attorney Gregg Thornton represents the City of Pacifica.

•The People vs. Ana Reepen (case number NF437696): Jury trial had been set to begin June 20 but was delayed on a procedural matter. Jury trial now is set to begin Monday, July 18 at 8:45 a.m. in San Mateo County Superior Court, Redwood City, Courtroom 2A, Judge Elizabeth Lee presiding. Reepen faces three felony charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, resulting from the Highway 1 head-on collision that killed Pacifican Bruce Ross Bernor. Reepen remains free on $250,000 bail.

•Vanessa Edmundson vs. City of Pacifica (CIV537576): Click here for minutes of the May 26 case management conference involving Pacifican Vanessa Edmundson vs. City of Pacifica (CIV537576). Edmundson seeks monetary damages for injuries claimed from tripping over a cement bicycle stand at Pacifica Pier in January 2015.

Alan Wald

Just Say NO to Jerry Brown's "By Right" Proposal

In an effort to streamline development of affordable housing, Governor Jerry Brown proposes to remove community input and environmental review from planning and development processes. Politicians have reached a budget agreement that would allocate a one-time $400 million for affordable housing in exchange for approval of the governor’s "By Right" proposal, which excludes public transparency, community input, and environmental protections statewide. See the articles below for more info:

Los Angeles Times

San Mateo Daily Journal

Urge your state representatives to oppose the governor's "By Right" proposal:

State Assemblyman Kevin Mullin

State Senator Jerry Hill

Here is a sample email:
I oppose the governor's By Right proposal, which removes virtually every opportunity for the public to know about the environmental impacts of development projects in their neighborhoods. Community input and environmental review processes should not be removed from planning and development. Please take action to stop this attack on CEQA and the Coastal Act!

(This post courtesy of our friends at in Moss Beach)

Moss Beach History: Don't Turn It Into Ticky-Tacky Housing

D9042a94-b1d7-4f55-8f26-b2554269035cThis top-secret U.S. Navy base (above) occupied a Moss Beach/Montara hillside in World War II. Some 320,000 men trained for combat here over the course of three years. Most of the Navy buildings' foundations remain. The now-vacant site is proposed for a high-density MidPen Housing development that many local residents vigorously oppose. They say the project would add hundreds of cars to already-crowded Highway 1 in an area without jobs or shops for new residents. Get more info by emailing or visiting Resist Density

Alan Wald & John Maybury