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Thinking of Going Solar? Try These Legit Locals

Norcal Solar went out of business last year. They recommend Brian at Owens Electric & Solar in San Mateo. You can also email Tim Swillinger at in El Granada. Also try the alternative-energy company REAL GOODS SOLAR  or call 1-888-507-2561 for 0% financing and a free site visit/estimate. (Thanks to Steve Patton for the research.)


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How does not eating meat and dairy reduce one's carbon footprint? If you are worried that dairy and meat products are shipped, trucked, or sent by rail—aren't all food products shipped in this manner in one way or another?

How to reduce energy cost and carbon emissions, in the order of effective "bang for the buck":

Photovoltaic panels on the roof are certainly not the first thing I would choose.

I have a hunch that a $5K solar water heater would be much more effective than photovoltaic panels.

Before spending $20K on photovoltaic panels, spend $100 on compact fluorescent light bulbs, spend $5K on energy-efficient appliances, and spend $2K on thermal insulation.

Other simple, cheap, and easy ways I have found to reduce my carbon footprint are to (when I can) substitute a bicycle trip for a car trip and avoid eating meat and dairy.

I used Akeena Solar from Los Gatos and they were quite good. They have an installer who either lives in Pacifica or nearby.

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