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July 23, 2008


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Oh, yes. I forgot about that one. But, Ian you sound a bit paranoid to me. I do not have your crack pipe.

Yo! Calera Creek -- let's not forget what an important body of water this is. Lots of frogs live there. Red legged ones. Is it important they are endangered? Is life important? Is the variety of life important?


"If you actually think I would waste my time sending you anything, than I must suggest you get off the crack pipe."

Uh Oh....... John must have meant it when he said he wasn't going to edit for us any more. The word you want, Kat, is "then" not "than".


Misquote? Here is the exact quote I attributed to you in my column:

"...columnists like Ian Butler make me want to throw up in the paper and send it to him."

Now look up to the first comment on this page. See anything familiar?

(I suppose you also forgot that you borrowed my crack pipe and never returned it.)

Hey Ian,

You miss quoted me in the Pac Trib today. I said "you were not funny" and I still think that. If you actually think I would waste my time sending you anything, than I must suggest you get off the crack pipe.

No Hugs and No Kisses

I do not think he is funny at all. I know a lot of people do not buy the paper because of him and others. The Editor needs to bring in others. And if I ever see Ian Butler's book, oh well, you don't want to know.

I couldn't disagree with Kat more. Although I sometimes disagree with Ian, he invariably draws a chuckle and sometimes induces the elusive "laugh out loud when you're sitting by yourself so people look at you like a serial killer" effect.

Also, I've perused several local community papers, and we have the cream of the crop in the Trib, IMHO.

Why fight over it? There are two tunnels. Name one for Mitch, the other for Tom.

I thought Ian's column shed light on interesting bits of arcane Pacificana. Although I like the idea of calling them Tom's Tunnels, I always credited Mitch Reid as being the first one to take on Caltrans and seriously pursue the idea. I'm still in awe of that accomplishment.

Nobody remembers this but me, but at a fateful City Council meeting a long time ago, the council was supposed to choose between the Martini Creek Bypass and the Marine Disposal Alternative. There were two council members for each alternative, so I was the deciding vote. I said it was like choosing between death by hanging or death by fire. I chose neither. I wanted a tunnel. But that wasn't one of the official choices, so I abstained. No motion passed. Everybody was angry at me for that, but I've always said that if you're going to be a council member, you have to be willing to piss off half the people in the room at any one time and make the right decision. I think of myself as the Original Tunnel Guy because of that meeting, but Mitch gets the credit for starting the activism that actually led to the tunnels being built. To me, they'll always be Mitch's Tunnels--and Tom's, too.


Thank you so much for taking the time to express your feelings, it is tremendously satisfying to know that I have touched you so deeply. When my book comes out in December (which by the way, will make a great Christmas gift!), I will be sure to get you an autographed copy.


More and more people I talk to are not buying the Tribune for their own reasons. I only buy it occasionally. But columnists like Ian Butler make me want to throw up in the paper and send it to him. Ian, you are not funny. As a matter of fact, you are boring, and it's very likely nothing will ever be named after you.

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