Ian Butler: Fairly Unbalanced Endorsements
Hockey Mama for Obama, Obama/McCain/Palin Dance (Videos)


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Those who donated to the Bush/McCain ticket didn't really plan on purchasing clothes-- they thought they were purchasing ad spots and related collateral!

I was one year old at the time of that election so much of what I know about it was learned after the fact but my parents actively campaigned for Stevenson and had election materials around the house. The photo Mo presents doesn't match the one I remember but memory is a funny thing and that might be the one. Also, the guy did a great deal of campaigning on foot, probably wearing out many shoes so there were probably opportunities for many such photographs. I think the one I remember was on the cover of LOOK or LIFE magazine.


Is this the photo?


What Palin spends on her presentation is really none of my business at all unless she is stealing or spending tax money to do it. Her lack of qualifications, her allegiance to a failed doctrine, and the fact that her being in that position is an insult to American women everywhere are all legitimate objections but not the cost of her wardrobe. I am sure all the men running are spending what it takes to present themselves well. Women's clothes cost more and besides the reason she was chosen was apparently more about her looks than anything else. Her job is to be a spunky classy gorgeous dame to stand beside McCain and spout whatever the RNC wants her to say. She can't look classy to the crowd she is supposed to look classy to without spending some considerable money on clothes.

Yes, I'm sure that the Obama picture is modeled after the famous picture of Adlai Stevenson.

The Obama picture reminds me of a famous picture of Adlai Stevenson.

Palin Pays Stylist: $22,800; Policy Aide: $12,500


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