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Pacifica Surfer/Chef Laments Closing of Coastside Family Health Clinic, Seeks Answers

Greetings, Neighbors: I am looking for others who were affected by the closing of the Coastside Family Health Clinic. Mostly I am thinking of those of us who are on Medicare, MediCal, self-pay, or uninsured. On March 27 I went down to file for the release of my medical records, as the recording on the clinic's phone message requested. There I was told that the files would not be released to individuals, only to a doctor or institution. I don`t know any other doctors. My doctor at the clinic, Lorraine Page, was the only full-time doctor there. Being a lifelong surfer and a career chef,  I`m familiar with a lot of emergency rooms far and wide, usually for stitches or minor broken bones. which meant two or three visits, less when I started removing my own stitches and staples. I was a patient of Dr. Page for 18 years, and one of her first. Those folks in that clinic worked HARD every day, working for free often when needed just to keep the doors open. I don`t know the exact details, but what was printed in the San Francisco Chronicle was not very accurate. If you are in a similar position, or have information to share, please contact me at my email address below. There are folks down there without means to get over the hill to a hospital, many of them Spanish-speaking-only families with no care. Maybe we can help those without voices also. I would just like to know what the facts are. Thanks.



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That's all well and good, but what do you suppose can be done to enforce something like that? Force them out of business?

right on Matt

In California, your health care provider must let you see your medical record within 5 days after receiving a written request, and must give you a copy within 15 days after getting a written request. They can charge you for copies and postage.

I'd make the written request so you can start the clock immediately.

To my knowledge, the law does not make exceptions for a clinic not having staff to make copies. I'd try calling Assemblymember Jerry Hill's office: (650)349-1900.

Here is a list of #`s & names to contact in this case that I have found;
Department of Public Health, Daly City office:DIANNA MARANA @650-3019971
Sacramento Office: Lisa Hall @ 916-263-5800
State Medical Board: Robin @ 916-263-2393
Robert Harliss, receivership of C.F.M.C. @559-393-1722
Vince Thomas, director of C.F.M.C.@ 559-303-2035
Harliss & Thomas are the ones closest to the deal, so contact them first.If no response, call Dianna Marana, she is a "good one".She told me that the Clinic is REQUIRED by LAW to release our records to another medical group, or COPIES to INDIVIDUALS.
Sadly, I just {wednesday 4/8/09,3 pm} spoke with Preston Burns at the County Supes. office, he told me there is NO STAFF to mail records, make copies or do anything there.He said for the un-insured or those not in a medical group could take as long as a year to get our records!! UNACCEPTABLE and ILLEGAL.

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