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Recology (Norcal Waste) on the Peninsula

Agencies (5/6), Tons (85.6%) Committed to Norcal: The City of San Carlos http://www.cityofsancarlos.org/ is one of 5/6 of the SBWMA agencies (10 of 12) to move these services to Norcal Waste Systems http://www.norcalwastesystemsofsanmateocounty.com/ in 2011. More significantly, these 10 agencies represent over 85% of the Solid Waste tonnage among the SBWMA agencies as shown in the table below:
   San Mateo  22.7%
   Redwood City  21.1%
   Menlo Park  9.4%
   San Carlos  7.7%
   Foster City  7.1%
   East Palo Alto  5.7%
   Belmont  5.4%
San Mateo County  3.6%
Hillsborough   1.8%
West Bay Sanitary  1.1%
   Total Tonnage to  Date  
Why did San Carlos select Norcal Waste Systems?
In the report to the City Council http://www.cityofsancarlos.org/gov/mayor_council/default.asp, the City of San Carlos staff noted that the focus of the SBWMA http://www.rethinkwaste.org/ and city selection process was to find a company that could provide the best Solid Waste, Recycling, and Organics Collection services for our residents and businesses. The conclusion of both review processes was that Norcal Waste Systems of San Mateo County http://www.norcalwastesystemsofsanmateocounty.com/ was the firm that best met this goal.


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"...solid waste rates will rise 6 percent (in Burlingame) starting in February, leaving garbage prices 44 percent higher than they were in 2004.'
'For single-family residents (in Burlingame), monthly bills for a 32-gallon can will rise from $14.24 to $15.10, while 64-gallon can prices will increase from $28.48 to $30.20.'
'In 2011, when a new trash hauler called Recology takes over for Allied Waste, officials expect rates to jump by 15 percent."
(S.M.Co. Times 1-21-10)

Wow, that's a 50% discount from what us hicks in Pacifica pay ($30.18), and even when Recology takes over the Burlingame contract, the 32-gallon can rate will be an estimated $17.37 per can.

Something's really wrong with this picture.

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