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Peninsula Pols Sing to Save Our City Services


The group is made up of all Peninsula city council members, city managers, and chamber of commerce people, including Pacifica's own City Council member Mary Ann Nihart. Here are the words to their song:

My, my, on election day the state will have to surrender
A yes on Prop 22 helps cities finally save the day
The history book on the shelf
Will stop repeating itself
22, stopping the state, cities win the war
22, promises to help forever more
22, can’t keep taking cities revenues
22, stopping the state with Prop 22
22, the state is facing its Waterloo
22, SOS with Prop 22
My, my, we tried to hold them back, but they were stronger

Oh yeah, now Prop 22’s our only hope in not giving up the fight
And how could we ever refuse
If we don’t win, cities lose
22, state is defeated, cities win the war
22, Prop 22 will lock the door
22, couldn’t escape if we wanted to
22, knowing our fate’s in Prop 22

22, the state is facing its Waterloo
22, SOS with Prop 22
So how could we ever refuse
If we don’t win, cities lose
22, stops the state taking our revenues
22, knowing our fate’s in Prop 22

22, the state is facing its Waterloo
22, vote yes on Prop 22
22, vote yes on Prop 22
22, please vote yes on Prop 22


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Posted on my FACEBOOK page even though it was sung to the tune of an ABBA song -- oh, the shame!

Thanks, Bruce. Your point is well taken and I agree. All Prop. 22 does is keep what is ours to begin with. As a city, we get 1 cent of the sales tax per dollar and 11 cents per dollar of your property tax. We get a small amount of the gas tax for roads and a few other things. I am working on Prop. 22 so we know what we will have each year, instead of at the end of the year the state saying, "Oops, we need the money you thought was yours to pay our budget shortfall." We are not robbing the state; we are simply not letting the state rob us.

And, Dan, I know we are "not ready for prime time." But what fun, and the point was made that we will stop at nothing. Great group of mostly elected officials. We hope you join us and Vote Yes on Prop. 22, otherwise I will have embarrassed myself for nothing. (laughter and a smile)

All My Best,

Mary Ann

So the answer to Peter robbing Paul is for Paul to rob Peter?

The problem is that there just isn't enough money to go around. Everyone needs to decide what services they do not want to fund; or conversely they have to bite the bullet and increase taxes. You can't expect government to provide services without any way of paying for them.

These folks are clearly not ready for prime time, which only serves to increase my admiration for them and their efforts. The song says it all. Our state government has been making up for its economic problems by picking the pockets of counties and cities. These tough economic times have caused governments, corporations, and morally impaired individuals to try things that we all viewed as criminal, or at least morally repugnant, in the past. Call me old fashioned, but stealing still seems to me to be stealing. Please vote YES on 22 and also be vigilant with regard to criminality elsewhere in your world. If enough of us just roll over when they rob us, it WILL become the norm and it WILL become worse. Stand up for your rights or you won't have any.

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