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Dog Days of August (CORRECTION)

UPDATE: Guide to Reuse, Recycle, Compost, Trash

For the benefit of Bruce Hotchkiss and other Riptide readers who are still confused or unclear about what to put where and when, here is our handy guide to getting rid of all your stuff in the right containers on the right days. This is general information only. For specifics, visit RECOLOGY OF THE COAST or call 650-355-9000.

BLUE RECYCLING TOTER (biweekly pickup): plastic containers #1-7, glass bottles and jars, cans (aluminum, tin, steel), aluminum (foil, pie plates, takeout containers), newspapers, magazines, phone books, most kinds of paper, unwaxed cardboard. Everything must be empty, rinsed, and clean. Place used batteries in a sealed, clear plastic bag and leave on top of blue recycling toter. (Recycle clean, dry plastic bags at Safeway, Oceana, and other markets. Recycle styrofoam pellets and blocks at the Recology yard on Palmetto; the UPS store—now in Rockaway—no longer accepts styrofoam pellets, probably because it sells them by the bag.)

GREEN COMPOSTING TOTER (weekly pickup): garden greenwaste; ALL food (including tea bags, coffee filters, coffee grounds); milk and juice cartons (remove any plastic spouts); soiled paper and cardboard (used paper towels, napkins, and plates; takeout food wrappers and containers, such as pizza boxes), unpainted and untreated wood.

TRASH CAN (weekly pickup): bagged kitty litter and pet waste, unrecyclable plastic, broken glass, light bulbs, cellophane, rags, cloths, hair and fur, anything else that can't be reused, recycled, or composted. New wheeled trash toters coming in July!

Visit RECOLOGY OF THE COAST or call 650-355-9000 for information on getting or exchanging different types and sizes of toters, how to safely dispose of various toxic substances (home, garden, and automotive), and specific instructions on correct recycling and composting.


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