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March 29, 2011


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My Boston Bill's experience was awesome! The place is spacious and stylish. You can watch all of your ingredients being skillfully cooked and the staff are friendly and attentive. I've had Philly Cheese Steaks on the East Coast many years ago, but I don't remember them being this good. I've never had peperoncinis cooked with spicy and juicy steak. The white cheese and onions also really complement the flavor without overpowering. The clam chowder was also delicious with lots of clam and tasty spices. This place serves good food. The only thing missing is a beer or glass of wine and I'm hoping that will be in the future!

I enjoyed their cheesesteak one day and then I enjoyed their chowder on another. These people are serious about what they do and they are worth supporting. Do stop in and enjoy a lunch at a new Pacifica business that really does stand a chance. Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy!

The food and service are very good.

The asking rent for the old KFC was $8,500 a month, up from the $4,000 that KFC was paying. How many years was that space empty? I believe 3-5 years.

So for the business to pay rent, pay for supplies, pay the help, and make a profit, it has to bring in three to four times that amount per month, not to mention the money for tenant improvements, equipment, setup cost, and rent he is paying in the time he has not even opened.

Rockaway business fail? The wine bar is doing great!!

There are many variables involved in making a business succeed. If the food is good and the prices are reasonable, they stand a chance. If Caltrans widens the highway and builds a sound wall in front of them, it won't matter a whit whether their food is good or their pricing is reasonable. They will be in the hoping-to-get-treated-fairly-by-Caltrans business, and God help them.

It is unfortunate to say, but not many businesses survive long in Rockaway. This comIng from a 38-year resident of Pacifica.

It's about time we have a chowder place in this coastal town! WELCOME!

The sign covering the old KFC sign says Boston Bob's Cheesesteaks.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks, Jim. Hmmm. Cheesesteak sandwiches are from Philadelphia, not Boston. I don't get it. Maybe these will be lobster cheesesteaks wrapped in Red Sox paper.)

According to my Ecosia search, it could be a bicycle shop or a sunglasses shop or both.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Shucks, I was hoping it would be seafood flown in fresh from Boston.)

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