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It's Official: Barry Swenson Builder Makes Offer on Rockaway Quarry

RIPTIDE SCOOP: Rockaway Quarry Has a Suitor


Last week we posted unconfirmed reports that a developer was interested in Rockaway Quarry. We inquired about this to City Manager Steve Rhodes. He said he was unaware of it and would look into it further. We heard nothing more. So we stuck by our guns and left our post up. Then on March 11 we posted an email (below) sent to a local contact, confirming that Barry Swenson Builder of San Jose has an eye on the quarry.

Date: Friday, March 11, 2011, 2:42 PM
It is the 88 acre site. I would love to schedule a sit down with you. I will be back after the 21st. Christy, Jessie and I will all be leading this project and we cant wait to get your full perspective. Are you available on the afternoon of the 21st? Thanks, Jessie
Jessie O'Malley
Senior Development Manager - BARRY SWENSON BUILDER
777 N. 1st Street, 5th Floor, San Jose, CA 95112



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This quarry photo appears to be from 1927 (California Mineral Production for 1928 by Henry Symons)

Does anyone know what's happening at the quarry site? Looks like Pacifica Lenders, LLC has been re-created as of June and Ambit says the property is no longer for sale or development. What does that mean? I've also seen at least one City Council candidate pushing for quarry development.

So can someone tell me where all this money went that the Redevelopment Agency owes the City of Pacifica: $5.5 million.

Jeez Louise, so now the peeps who have done everything they can to keep the quarry from being developed in the past are trying to place the blame on Jerry Brown for not allowing the quarry to be developed in the future?

I just talked to Stephen Rhodes. He said the meeting tonight has nothing to do with the Quarry and that there's been no sale or deal as far as he knows.

The staff reports in the agenda packet for tonight basically show that the city is trying to formalize its loan agreements with the RDA so that if Brown gets his way, it's crystal clear that the city's general fund is owed about $5.5 million to be paid by...somebody. Maybe a shell of the RDA? The state (not likely)?

Peter has a good point when he writes "there's only debt." How much is owed in interest on bonds, etc? $28,000 or something?

The financial planning here by city staff is a good thing whether or not Jerry gets his way. And with all the other obstacles to a quarry project, adding no financial help from our RDA to the list is adding millions to a project that no one knows could ever be built anyway.

The joke's on you, Jerry. There is no money to take from the Pacifica RDA; there's only debt. But if you dissolve all redevelopment agencies, you will ensure that the quarry will never be developed. Bye-bye, tax increment financing.

What has Pacifica done with the redevelopment areas?? Nothing. Therefore I take the money.

Once again the house wins!!!

This upcoming RDA meeting tonight is good work by city staff to stay in front of a bomb Jerry Brown is dropping.

If you look at the agenda for this unusual meeting, it's clear that the city is taking action to protect itself financially in the event that Gov. Brown succeeds in dissolving redevelopment agencies. It's got nothing to do with the quarry being sold.

Yea, to Walmart. Can't wait!

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