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May 20, 2011


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Downloaded and sent. Thanks, Lionel. No greenwaste at the recycling yard, supposedly because no license. But now no attempt to get license. Back-to-back rate increases. Less service for more money. And a council that gave its approval, no questions asked.

The sign is up next to Pacifica Lumber.

I sent mine in today and I join those who recommend that we all protest this gouging.

That's really cute! How clever. Is it like a kid in a homemade knight outfit?

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is obviously the work of a dark knight.)

In Montara and Moss Beach, our locally elected Montara Water and Sanitary District negotiates our garbage, recycling, and yard waste pickup rates. If San Mateo County negotiated our garbage rates, they would probably be higher than Pacifica's.

Only in Pacifica, you have a long list of people coming to City Council to talk about the Snowy Plover and no one come to talk out against the high sewer tax and water & garbage bills.

Vince, according to city official Ann Ritzma, 40 percent of Pacifica Recology customers went down to a 20-gallon can. That, of course, means that 60 percent did not and are paying higher and higher rates. And if future annual rate increases (the next one is in January 2012) are in the 8 percent range as the current one is, you can do the math and see it won't be long before you'll be back up there in price with your smaller garbage can.

The reason Coastside Scavenger was replaced was that it collapsed financially, owing the city $800,000 in unpaid franchise fees. Because the city didn't demand an audit, we'll never really learn the true reason for the collapse. The city seems to want to avoid audits.

My rate went down when Recology took over as I did not take its recommended can size (I went smaller than the previous one), and found I threw more into the compost and recycle bin. I noticed all of my neighbors with similar size houses all took the smaller can as well. I wonder if enough people did the same and it affected the projected income of Recology. I still for the life of me don't understand why Coastside was kicked out, and really thought it was due to some sort of price gouging. So we now will pay more, for not having a recycle yard, having unsorted recycle, which means less of it is actually recycled, but more compost removal.

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