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Saw one of these pop up from behind the flag sculpture at the Liberty Garden last week.

Just saw one crossing the beach trail above Rockaway.

Their normal range is from Central America up to southern Canada, according to Wikipedia. Are these sightings south of Nick's or on the Rockaway Quarry trail?

When the message hits home, it hurts.

"Lots of weasel's call the Rockaway part of town Home!"

Lots of people make the error of adding an apostrophe before the s on plural nouns, but educated weasels don't.

Lots of weasel's call the Rockaway part of town Home!

We saw them this morning on the mowed area next to the surfer parking lot at Rockaway. First we saw an adult one, later we saw a juvenile one. Then we saw a big hawk who was clearly hunting the juvenile one. We didn't stick around for what seemed like the inevitable outcome. Nothing to be done about it. "Nature, red in tooth and claw" - Tennyson.

I saw 2 of them today while on a walk with my friend on the beach trail on the Rockaway side! They are very animated and seem to enjoy being watched! Very striking markings, with a full-black mask on a creamy face, and a beautiful golden body. They were causing quite a stir, and several people, many with dogs and strollers in tow, had stopped to watch them. The little guys seemed to actually love the attention, yet were always on the alert. I am going to check them out again with my kids next time!

Please visit our gophers, Mr. Weasel.

We have seen the weasel twice in the past three weeks, once with a gopher in mouth going into the brush above Rockaway Beach, and yesterday morning crossing the asphalt trail on the Linda Mar beach side. With all the gophers in Pacifica, they will be eating well. I did some research and their normal range is way north like Washington state.

I've seen that weasel.

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