Jaywalking Fisherman Gets a Rude Warning from Pacifica Cop
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If there was an explicit statement by the San Francisco City Attorney to that effect, then it would be interesting to read it -- in context, of course.

As to the $50 million number, I remember a $50 million high-end estimate in that range for a no-golf complete "restoration" assuming considerable off-haul. I do not recall any such estimate for any other alternative.

I do not believe the County of San Mateo is looking at any activity that would approach such an expense, so there must be some interesting and speculative assumptions behind such a figure.

San Mateo County Supervisors Groom and Tissier's offer that San Mateo County take this property would saddle San Mateo County taxpayers with more debt -- to hold up a rising sea. That's an endless proposition that would be a tombstone for the endangered species at the site. Is this a good use of San Mateo County taxpayer money? Who benefits?

The San Francisco city attorney has explicitly stated that San Francisco will not maintain responsibility for the many liabilities attached to this property.

Will any concessionaire take on the open-ended multimillion-dollar liabilities the property offers? Or will the public pay? SMC Supervisors Groom and Tissier could not find $200,000 to save popular Flood Park -- will they find more than $50 million to keep the ocean from washing out Sharp Park golf course? Does Pacifica intend to levy another property tax to cover these liabilities?

Honestly, I don't think K. Jana is a real person but a computer-generated spambot that spits out W.E. links and gibberish. That's just my opinion, though ;)

Mike, I have asked that question so many times of Ms Jana. She won't answer. She never answers a direct question.

How long will taxpayers keep funding Golden Gate Park? Dolores Park? Stern Grove?

How long will the taxpayer continue to fund Sharp Park?

SF Planning and Urban Research report finds the current situation is not sustainable.

Report summary, and link to the report:

I hope Mayor Lee vetoes this absurdity.

Finally -- some fiscal sense. Way to be, San Francisco!

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