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Opinion: Leo Leon Should Fill Jim Vreeland's Council Seat

I hear that Jim Vreeland is resigning his City Council seat.  Under the charter, the council will fill the vacancy for the remainder of Jim's term.

The council shouldn't get too clever in fishing around for a candidate, as the voters in the prior election have shown whom we prefer.

Leo Leon was, as I recall, the next highest vote winner in the election, and he should be offered the appointment.  Appointing someone who ran poorly or didn't run at all would show little respect for the will of the voters.

Leo spent countless hours as a volunteer on our Planning Commission, and we'd be fortunate to have someone with his background helping to run Pacifica.

Bill Collins


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I think the fairest way is to have an election. Leo was not the people's choice; Len Stone and Sue Digre were the choices. If something happens to Obama, should we give his job to John McCain?
A lot has happened since the last election and I don't think it's fair to choose someone based on their standing at the last election. Of course, many people who voted for Leo before will say otherwise.
Ideally, if an appointment is to be made, a person who is not going to run in the next election would be best, because an incumbent will have a definite advantage.

For coverage of last night's City Council actions with regard to filling the vacant council seat, please see the latest Featured Story, "Council Seeking Councilmember," at Pacifica Index.

I think Leo would be an excellent interim councilmember, but only until a proper election could be held to fill out the remainder of the term, probably in November. We cannot afford for the seat to remain vacant until then. Other possible interim choices are Cal Hinton, Peter Loeb, and Julie Lancelle, who have all previously served on the council.

Well, at least you didn't call me a flying monkey, Todd. Hehe.

Steve, I apologize for teasing you.

Steve wants someone who will ignore zoning, and state and federal oversight, and who will vote for anything that comes along, regardless of how anyone other than himself feels about it. Steve wants a computer program that has only one setting: APPROVED.

Bill, nobody should be appointed. There needs to be an election.

Well, Steve, who do you think should be appointed? Someone who didn't even bother to run, or someone who came in last?

Leo seems like a good guy, but he represents the mind-set that thinks Pacifica is a park, and not a city.

I don't recall being notified that the runner-up in the last election would be appointed to a vacant council seat. Let's not make up rules on the fly, Bill.

YES! Leo Leon is very well equipped for that position. I am sorry about Jim Vreeland's health issues and I wish him a speedy recovery, but that seat should be filled by somebody who will be in attendance, and we couldn't do better than Leo Leon.

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