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February 26, 2012


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How much we save in a transfer to the county is entirely dependent on what we ask the county to do. This is, according to the only Pacifica police officer (now retired) I actually know, a la carte policing. How many officers do we want on duty? At what times? Do we want a substation here in town? Etc. San Mateo County Sheriff's deputies get paid more than Pacifica police officers, so if we wanted the same number of officers working the same number of hours with the same infrastructure, we would be paying more.

I am not arguing for or against this, the number two suggestion of the Financial Services Task Force. I haven't needed or been bothered by a police person for quite a while. This may be an indication that we live in a predominantly virtuous town or that the Pacifica police are doing a very good job.

At the very least, we need the real numbers on consolidation of the police with the county. How much will we save?

Oh, and we need those numbers now! Come on, how is it that the city hasn't come up with them yet?

Dan, thank you for your concern and taking the time to partake in the process. As for this committee's work, where is the minority report?

Your comment about pensions is a key part of the public's obligation. We're attempting to look into that obligation, and how large it is. That the committee didn't have that as a part of its purview is telling.

Dan, the choice isn't ours to make but rather senior staff, department heads, fire and police. Without a scaled wage reduction, the cost of these people to our community will only continue to rise. I respect your views but differ on who among us must field the cost. We already are. City folk need to do this also. We have over 80 full-time employees out of 150 full-time employees with taxable incomes well over $100,000 a year. In a community of our size, this is, and should be considered by all to be, outrageous. I'm sorry, Dan, but this handpicked committee with its heavily biased data mining has come up with nothing useful to our town. It only guarantees that city wages for senior staff, department heads, fire and police will remain astronomical.

The issue I neglected to mention was the existing pension agreements that were negotiated at a time when we were seeing a very different future than we see now. All that was said about them was that they are being renegotiated as they come up for renewal, but there is no procedure for implementing a change until they are up for renewal. Please correct me if I got that wrong or if I am leaving anything out.

Jeff Simons also had 4,500 votes; let him be on City Council?

Just a thought?

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