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Buried at the end of a PACIFICA TRIBUNE STORY is the news that the "Holiday Inn Express and Suites will expand to the end of the block where the old Horizons Restaurant was. It will add 42 rooms to the current 38-room hotel and the building will be LEED certified." With all the hand-wringing about the local economy, I would think the news that a local hotel is planning to more than double the number of rooms would be a front-page headline. But I wouldn't have known about it unless my spouse had read the whole article about the hotel winning an award and discovered this little gem at the end.

Peter Loeb


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Peter's note has merit because, for all the bellyaching from the self-proclaimed pro-development, pro-business advocates in this town, to the fact that our City Council is supposedly anti-development and anti-business, there has been, in reality, a lot of development approved by this council: Cypress Walk (96 units), Connemarra (28 units), Harmony (24 units) , the other one across the street from Harmony (32 units), and several businesses have opened along with tens, if not hundreds, of individual new homes built and/or with major additions permitted.

It's unfair and, most important, untrue that Pacifica or its current council is somehow anti-business or anti-development. Our current council has approved every single project that has come before it, usually removing several key Conditions of Approval that had been added by the Planning Commission.

It is a flat-out lie to say the current council or any of its members are anti-development or anti-business. The record over the past 10 years clearly shows a council that is responsive to the rights of property owners.

It's an ugly building - maybe they just didn't want to advertise it.

Yes, and the Trib curiously tucked the news that Jim Vreeland was planning to resign at the end of an article about quorum. Talk about "burying the lead"!

Owner Radha Patel made mention of the expansion during Oral Communications at the January 23 City Council meeting.

We were notified by the city a month or so ago.

must stop development must stop development must stop development

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