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February 26, 2012


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John, the city does need to do its research on this and publish it. I met last week with Chief Tasa for an hour and a half, and was floored to learn that for all the drama coming from this finance committee and city hall, there has been absolutely no contact with the county sheriff's department to discuss options.

I think the city needs to get a bid from the county and that our PD should have a chance to match it. Regardless of all this senior staff, department heads, fire and police must take a scaled wage reduction.

Todd, I'm with you on many (most?) issues.

But the Pacifica Police Department is top-heavy. Roughly only half the officers patrol. The overhead is tremendous. That is what we'll save in switching to the county sheriff.

And I think it'll be significant.

Furthermore, in comparing what they make or cost or whatever, let's be sure we're comparing apples to apples: base salaries or total compensation, including overtime and benefits.

"Not one person endorsed using the county sheriff's office for policing. We like our cops! They are OUR cops!"

Other local jurisdictions that have outsourced police services to the sheriff's department kept the local cops. Why would Pacifica be different?

Dan, it's beyond me that you are defending an upward flow of wealth from the poorest to the richest. How can the sheriff's department that pays more per officer possibly be less expensive than our own PD?

I was there and I was disappointed also. I know that Mr. Vreeland has health problems and that he has come to the conclusion that he needs to resign. One could say that he should have come to this conclusion sooner, but one needs to try to keep a positive outlook to stand a chance of recovering from any kind of health problem. Quitting the council can't possibly have been an easy decision. Also, I can't claim to have never missed an important meeting.

On the subject of the considerable expertise of the Pacifica Police Department, my understanding is that it is normal, when consolidating law enforcement, to hire that expertise. The sheriff isn't going to take on any such additional responsibility without hiring the officers he needs to carry it out, and it would be irresponsible to overlook the years of training and experience that our Pacifica Police officers have.

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