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For 40 years, it has been illegal to hunt mountain lions in California, so you'd think the Golden State's own Fish and Game Commissioner Dan Richards might respect the law, at least publicly. But not Dan. He not only traveled to Idaho to kill a mountain lion, he responded to the controversy over the photo he made public, saying it's "none of your business."

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and at least 40 state lawmakers have called for Richards' resignation. If he doesn't resign, he can and should be voted out by a simple majority in the Legislature.  We just signed Credo Mobile's petition to Dan Richards and the Legislature. You can sign, too, and learn more here:



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"The issue is not what Dan Richards did, it's what he said about it in his position as president of the California Fish and Game Commission. That's why Lt. Gov. Newsom and 40 Assembly members are calling for Richards' resignation."
Peter, I disagree. Newsom and the 40 (Democratic) Assembly members are simply using Richards' legal hunt as an excuse to get him out of office and get someone more liberal in. His behavior is seen as a blunder only in the eyes of urban non-hunters who buy their meat at the supermarket instead of getting it themselves. This is common household politics as practiced by Democrats and Republicans.

This could get juicy if someone brings age of consent laws in other states and countries into the comparison.

Apples to oranges vis-a-vis hypocrisy.

The complaint filed with the California Fair Political Practices Commission over Mr. Richards' free hunt seems to show that he didn't know when he should or shouldn't have paid for the privilege of slaughtering a treed puma.

Anyone in such a high-profile position should damn well know when he should pay-to-play to avoid violating ethics rules. He doesn't care, it seems.

"California voters outlawed mountain lion hunting 22 years ago. The photo set off a maelstrom of controversy. The Humane Society, followed by 40 Democratic Assembly members and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, called for Richards' resignation, saying he showed poor judgment and mocked the will of California's voters whom he was supposed to be serving. Republican lawmakers, the NRA and the Safari Club rallied to his defense. Richards can be removed by a simple majority vote of the Legislature, a vote that could come within a few days -- and which could tip the balance of the powerful commission for the first time to a 3-2 environmental majority, if the governor appoints an environmental-leaning replacement."

I'll wait and see what the Legislature does.

I completely agree with Peter Loeb on this. It has absolutely nothing to do with partisan witch hunting but more to the point about removing "an extremely insensitive and clueless fool." If Richards were a liberal Democrat, I am confident that the powers in this state, and Peter Loeb, would go after him with equal fervor. No question about it. In fact, I think we need to take it one step further. Certainly we wouldn't want to have the head of DMV driving 75 MPH in Nevada, even if it were legal there. After all, how could they possibly respect the Calif. Vehicle Code maximum speed limit of 70 MPH if they exhibit such reckless and insensitive behavior elsewhere? Therefore, I am advocating that effective immediately, every top-level official in every state agency submit detailed documentation of their activities in other states dating back seven years. In this way, we can ensure that no official has participated in any activity inconsistent with Calif. law that can be construed to be related in any way to the domain of their respective agency. After all, we would never want to be inconsistent or hypocritical on this, now would we?

The drug analogy came from john's original comment; I extended it to make a point. I'll say it as simply as I can, for those with limited reading comprehension: The issue is not what Dan Richards did, it's what he said about it in his position as president of the California Fish and Game Commission. That's why Lt. Gov. Newsom and 40 Assembly members are calling for Richards' resignation. I guess they are as devoid of common sense as I am. Good company to be in.

Yea, I thought it was funny that Mr. lobe compared legal hunting in the U.S. to such a ludicrous scenario. It's even better that Mr. Morals himself, Gavin, screw my best bud's wife, is calling for our fish and game warden to step down. As for this site, I like to check in from time to time on the sheep-like, leftist writings. I'm going to go pack my bags for my hunting trip to Idaho- I hope my boss does not find out I was doing something legal on my vacation.

like a moth to a bright light

What an ....... (But totes expected) statement from Mr. Loeb. Mountain Lions are like illegal drugs now?

Many fish and game commissioners hunt LEGALLY in other states. There is absolutely nothing wrong with legally hunting in other states.

My God man, get some common sense.

I just remembered why I don't come here.

Yes, it's legal to kill a mountain lion in Idaho. But it's illegal in California, and Dan Richards is the president of the California Fish and Game Commission. He also ate the mountain lion for dinner.

The issue is his position. Suppose the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration traveled to another country to shoot up heroin because it's legal there. Should he keep his job because he's not breaking the law? Dan Richards' problem is not that he killed and ate a mountain lion in a state where it's legal; his problem is that, given his very political position, he's apparently an extremely insensitive and clueless fool. He should be removed from office.

It's not illegal to shoot mountain lions in Idaho; therefore, he didn't break the law. How many of you clowns smoke pot on your vaccations? Should we fire those who do- get a clue and a life.

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