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Shakshuka: Low-Carb Israeli Delicacy


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"The Gasoline Tree... If planted the estimated yield would be about 45 tons of fruit or 2500 gallons of 'gasoline' per acre per year."

I have a hard time believing the gallons per acre from the above link. But even if it were 250 gallons per acre, it would be worth looking into.

Wonder what the local algae folks think of this plant?

Grow, baby, grow!

2,500 gallons per acre? Corn ethanol produces only 50 gallon per acre. If Mitch's number is accurate, he just might be on to something!

Fear not, Mitch. Your bringing it to our attention on Riptide could lead to some big things. Why, at this very moment, I am getting a call on my tinfoil hat receiver from Warren Buffett.

The fruit has an octane rating of 54!!! (Our regular gas is 87 octane.) It contains 46 percent of gasoline-type components (heptane, dihydroterpene, etc.), and could be planted to produce 2,500 gallons per acre!

No one seems interested in this amazing fruit. It has only 95 views on YouTube. I pity the Pittosporum.

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