Alandrome: Tijuana Trolleys Roll Out Across Mexico?
Barack Obama & Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam the News

Earth Day Media Coverage: Share Your Stories & Photos

You made the news! Thanks to Charlene Boysen of Vallemar School for outreach to NBC News.


Thank you to Pacifica Beach Coalition and Earth Day Heroes. Congratulations on the amazing action and celebration that followed. Please keep your stories and photos coming. Your stories should be heard, seen, and shared! Need help uploading photos? Send them to me and I will get them to someone who can help. (Did you think I knew how? Think again!) I also take photos on CDs so I can share them when opportunities arise. Nothing like your story in your own words. Thank you to the many who have shared their projects with me. I have started a document and hope to have the 52 weeks of Earth Day featured in the Pacifica Tribune over the next year. Can happen only if I get your stories and photos.

Pacifica Tribune

Pacifica Patch
From Terra Nova High School Principal:

And, of course, photos and info on our very own amazing website (thank you, Sherry!)

Pacifica Beach Coalition

L Y N N . A D A M S

President, Pacifica Beach Coalition
650.355.1668 Office
415.309.5856 Cell
Monthly cleanups at 4 beaches and more


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Thanks for picking it up, Pacifica.

According to MSN Health, all that plastic isn't healthy for people either: "...A new study published in the journal Circulation is the first of its kind to find a direct link between higher BPA exposure in healthy adults and a greater risk of developing heart disease in the future. ..."

Read the story

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