City of Pacifica: 2011 Comprehensive Financial Report
Assemblyman Jerry Hill Honors Pacifica Beach Coalition

Teamwork: Pacifica Beach Coalition & Public Works Dept.

Pacifica Beach Coalition (PBC) and the city's Public Works Department once again have come to the rescue of the Secret Waterfall, collecting 243 pounds of trash after the first big rain, mostly plastic bags. Styrofoam pieces were too numerous and too small to collect.

PBC's Ian Butler had called an alert, and within an hour the city's Public Works Department had six guys down at the waterfall helping PBC members pick up washed-out bags and debris. Ian says, "Unfortunately, this was only a tiny fraction of what was washed out to sea."

Public Works is investigating the sources of Styrofoam waste that flushes out of storm drains with each rain. The investigation includes businesses on Hickey. Public Works is seeking funding to put in a storm drain catchment device by Fairmont Park for the largest stormwater pipe going to the Secret Waterfall. It recently installed such catchment devices at seven other storm drains that flow to the waterfall.
Related News: Esplanade Beach cleanups are on the second Thursday afternoon of each month. Please spread the word to students, retirees, and those looking for a weekday cleanup. Email Lynn Adams at to sign up and get more information about all Pacifica Beach Coalition cleanups, restorations, and other events and volunteer activities. To appreciate the significance of beach cleanups, see:
Sperm Whale Killed by Plastic Bags


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Is it just me or is there something going on between our very own cuddly teddy bear of a man ("The Toddler") and someone who is apparently named after either a tic-tac-toe strategy or one of those horrid things I find in my boyfriend's VCR when he promises me that we are going to watch "Steel Magnolias"?

Dear, sweet, innocent XXX, blame has nothing to do with anything being discussed here.

Public Works came out and helped me cut up a tree that fell across a neighbor's driveway a few years ago. It was on private property, but the homeowner was older and couldn't do it himself.

Not only did they do an excellent job helping me cut up the pine tree trunk, they also sat around and talked to the homeowner and swept all the sawdust over to the side of the driveway.

That is why we should not blame Public Works, police, and fire for their paychecks. City Hall approved these contracts.

If City Hall wrote checks they couldn't cash in the future, the blame goes on them, not the city employees.

I love our Public Works Department. Its employees are just awesome. Perhaps RT could come up with an award for the PWD folks who responded and helped out with the secret waterfall clean up. More than any other city department, the PWD is very responsive and involved with the community.

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