Kateri "Most Valuable Angel" Award for Kathleen Bissell
The Ross Sisters: It's Good to Be Flexible


It is good times here in Riptide country as we celebrate President Barack Obama's re-election, five women going to the U.S. Senate, passage of pro-education Proposition 30, defeat of anti-union Proposition 32 and anti-consumer Proposition 33, and our new state Senator Jerry Hill. Congratulations to Mary Ann Nihart, Karen Ervin, and Mike O'Neill on winning their Pacifica City Council races. We look forward to working with the new council to keep the public informed and involved. Oh, and last but not least, hooray for the San Francisco Giants, champions of the baseball world!

John Maybury, Editor and Publisher

Why We Won


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I can confirm that Senor Mayburrito is still alive and among us. Despite questions on another Pacifica blog, he is doing okay.

Some people have businesses and lives and activities outside the blog world!

(Editor's Note: Thanks, Jim, I can confirm that. As Mark Twain once said, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.")

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