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You might want to call to have them ship you out a new box. It takes a couple of days, but those boxes are new. I have had boxes from the Comcast store that were just handed back out and not checked. In fact, the box still had recorded shows in the DVR.

I always ask them for a new box and it takes them a bit to find one, but they are pretty cool about it.

I've tried a few things since the new Comcast remote and the TV remote both control sound. It must be a hardware issue. Thanks, Jim.

Todd: Maybe your TV and remote are fighting over which one wants to control the sound. Did you switch the sound off the TV to Stereo? Mine had sound last night when I was watching the City Council meeting.

Is it just on 26 or every channel?


PCT hasn't had sound for over a week, at least on my TV. Is there anyone else having this issue of no audio from PCT?

Thanks for the detailed comments about plastic in our food chain -- how it gets into the fish and into our food products. Just don't purchase plastic-packaged products in the first place -- great suggestion. Thank you, Riptide, for posting this. Thank you, Pacifica Beach Coalition, for getting this information out to the public. We're not using plastic bags at our house -- it's very easy to make the switch to reusable bags. How easy is that!

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