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You Can't Drive Your Chevy on This Levee

California Coastal Commission Visits Devil's Slide Tunnels

Members and staff of the California Coastal Commission, accompanied by several local residents, visited the Devil's Slide tunnels construction project December 13. The tunnels are due to open this winter. Forest Mitch Southbound TunnelForest and Mitch Reid in the southbound tunnel
Forest and faux rock at portal entranceForest and faux rock at north portal (Mitch Reid photo)  Leaving Southbound Portal
Southbound tunnel portal (Mitch Reid photo)
South Portals November 2012
South portals, November 2012 (Mitch Reid photo)
Forest Mitch Reid John LynchForest and Mitch Reid with John Lynch (right) inside the southbound tunnel
Peoples Tunnel Bridge facing NorthBridge over Shamrock Ranch (John Maybury photo)
South San Francisco-20121213-00068Inside the southbound tunnel (John Maybury photo)
South San Francisco-20121213-00069 2Caltrans workers and California Coastal Commissioners in safety gear at the north portal (John Maybury photo)
South San Francisco-20121213-00072
Bridge over Shamrock Ranch, with Linda Mar in the distance (John Maybury photo)

John at North Portal
Juan "Fogzilla" Mayburrito at the north portal (Mitch Reid photo)


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@ Carl May: I'm right with you on lots of stuff, but these hardscape tunnels are there in place of a great deal more hardscape that would have been installed instead of them.

Just look at you city folks gushing in anticipation over the promise of phony artificial hardscaping on all sides of you in the $350 million cement cylinders. What a great day it will be when you won't be forced to deal with 0.8 miles of messy natural features on the most dramatic stretch of coastal road in San Mateo County!

You got to go inside the tunnels, Juan? How very cooool!!

The portal's treatments are outstanding. The warm and cool tones work together beautifully. Very nice visually.

"Bridge Over Shamrock Ranch" would make a good song title. Oh, wait ...

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