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As the rain pours down, we celebrate our coastal creeks. Appropriately, someone distributed an anti-pollution flyer this weekend to households along San Pedro Creek in Linda Mar. The flyer describes how plastic six-pack rings, plastic shopping bags, and cigarette butts can choke and poison wildlife and fish. The solution? Reuse and recycle. Another problem for the creek is dog waste. Dog owners need to clean up after their pets to keep harmful bacteria out of the creek. Finally, don't wash your car at home, where detergent and chemicals go down the storm drain and right into the creek. Instead, take it to a car wash, where wash water is recycled and cleaning agents are kept out of the environment.


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Human waste has also been a problem in our creeks. The old pipes in homes here are contributing to the pollution. Failing to replace the main when it has decomposed and is leaking into the ground (causing sewage backup problems) is a huge problem. I have also seen people drain their radiators into the gutter!

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