Sunset at the Point
Wildlife Rescue-and-Release Nonprofit Up at the Lake


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John, I've always enjoyed Riptide's topics for the thoughtful (and often lengthy) discusions/comments that they generate. There's a level of discourse in them that I just haven't found anywhere else in Pacifica. I only wish there were more of it.

Plus, you grammarize my comments and me like. Me sound smart. Ook-ook!

I know this site costs you dearly in time and money, but without you there is nothing...NOTHING but Patch, FoxPacifica, and our local newsletter thingy thing the Trib. Oh, and Pacifica Index. Wish I could give you more support than a simple spiked pat on the back, but the community does look to, and more important, trusts you and your site.

Yes,Yes! I suggest you carry on, stay the course, and do more of the excellent work that you have been doing. It is a very fine forum.

I really appreciate the news items in particular: Lots of information makes it here instead of the local paper. Items about the city budget and spending, candidate issues -- this information does not get printed in our local paper.

So -- much appreciated, Riptide!

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