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Modest Proposal: All-Mailed Election Ballots

IT IS TIME TO AMEND CALIFORNIA ELECTION LAW BY INSERTING: “Notwithstanding provisions of Sections 4001, 4002, 4003 & 4004, any county, any district, any city may, by resolution of the governing board, adopt all-mailed ballot procedures for any or all future elections. Governing boards may later revoke adoption of all-mailed ballot procedures.”

If that is the answer, what is the question? It might be:
“How could San Mateo County save millions of dollars, increase the portion of the public that votes, decrease the chance of voter fraud, have 'greener' elections, improve access to elections for voters, obtain election results faster, and simplify election procedures?”

To have the benefits, from this simple election reform, in our next election, there needs to be discussion now and passage of something like the suggested amendment during the 2013 legislative session.

You can help by passing the message along to our legislators Assemblymember Kevin Mullin and Senator Jerry Hill.

Bill Bigler
1063 Yosemite Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044
650-359-6588, wnbigler@aol.com


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Bill Bigler is a plumbing customer of mine. When he, in the course of conversation, told me of his idea of all-mail-in ballots, I pointed out that I like the social aspect and the ceremony of going to a polling place to cast my ballot. After thinking about saving the county millions of dollars, I'm thinking we can all get social and ceremonial in some other way. Some of his other arguments for the plan are pretty convincing as well.

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