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January 31, 2013


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I appreciate the broad view. The debate in D.C. seems to be narrowing to assault rifles, big clips, and background checks. It will be a terrible shame, and a guarantee of continuing violence at least at the current rate, if those are the only matters addressed.

Toto, you're not on Facebook anymore.

Well put. Where do I click the LIKE button?

Immigration out of the UK went two ways. Britain's clever people (criminals) were banished to Australia and Britain's crazies (religious nut jobs) were sent to the USA. As Americans, we got crazy in our DNA; it's that simple. But the solutions -- I wouldn't know where to start.

Yes, well said.

Let's follow Australia's lead in this. Additionally, for legal weapons, let's use nontoxic materials: steel, not lead.

Well written, John. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

We need to look at the example of Australia. It had mass slaughters up to 1996, then it took action, resulting in no more slaughters.

The other key element is the prohibition on research from such agencies as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on the reasons for, and the whys and wherefores of, gun violence. It's telling that the gun lobby has legislated this out.

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