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Walmart and Grocery Outlet Eye Fresh & Easy Stores

According to business columnist Andrew S. Ross (San Francisco Chronicle, January 8), Walmart and Grocery Outlet are two possible contenders for the Fresh & Easy grocery stores, including the one here on Pedro Point.

With our "shop local" mantra, we have to say that our homegrown markets (Oceana, Farmer's, Sun Valley) suit us just fine, so we are not out there beating the drum for yet another corporate chain to come into Pacifica. We would much rather see a local business take that space in Pedro Point. In our dreams, Mister Lee's Chinese Food would return! Please hit Comments (below) to tell us your thoughts.


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I have really enjoyed Fresh & Easy, and will be sorry if it goes. It introduced some healthier styles of eating at a reasonable price. I have been pleasantly surprised on numerous occasions

Fresh & Easy has been a good neighbor for our community and schools. I don't want to see it go. I don't want a Walmart, and I am sure it won't be moving here either.

That strange distant sound heard in programs originating from Channel 26's Crespi Business Park studio -- I've been claiming for years that it sounds like somebody testing penis enlargers!

Vacu-Tech: Pacifica's peninsula on the Peninsula

Dear readers, please forgive me for picking on Pacifica's Vacu-Tech Penis Enlargement Systems, but lately I've become wary of the subject. Just the other day I was surfing the Internet and got a pop-up message that posed the innocent question: "How does your penis size compare to that of the general population?" When I clicked on it to learn the answer, it took me to a porn site -- believe it or not!

Enough with the anti-family remarks! How is the Walton family going to get from being worth as much as the lowest 40 percent of Americans to being worth as much as the lowest 41 percent of Americans if their stores are shut out of communities by anti-wealth bigots?

Maybe Vacu-Tech (penis enlargement products) in Crespi Business Park is interested in growing its business...?

Grocery Outlet is, if I have it right, the weird store at the foot of Hickey as it meets El Camino Real in SSF. It's ill-lit and badly laid out, but it does have bargains and perhaps would appeal where prepackaged produce presently does not.

Walmart won't come here, that's a delusion, as an "outlet store" is. The demographics, geography, are all wrong, as the less religiously inclined will acknowledge.

I have a DVD copy of the documentary WHEN WALMART COMES TO TOWN, if anyone wants to do a fundraising thing at the art center or firehouse.

(Editor's Note: Thanks, Todd, great suggestion. I have seen that film, and it is a damning account of the damage Walmart does to small communities and local businesses that succumb to the big box's false "charms.")

Well, if Walmart gets in there, it will be good news for all the other grocery stores in town. I know a great many people here who simply won't shop at Walmart. I'm one of them.

Give us a Trader Joe's, please!!

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