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Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Honors Surf Spot, But Restaurant's Future Uncertain

Deep Throat reports: "The Surf Spot restaurant was honored by the Chamber of Commerce on January 31 for being an innovative business, but none of the three owners (Cowan, Szeto, Burns) showed up. They sent their hostesses to pick up the award. It's my understanding that the restaurant cost them way more to build than they thought. They have had problems with the live music bothering people in Rockaway Beach. They seem to have a lot of business, though. Maybe this was just a ploy to establish a business and then sell it. They call it 'value adding.' They added a lot of value there."


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I think that posting anything negative about a restaurant when it is brand-new is unfair. Starting a new restaurant is a difficult undertaking. There are bound to be glitches and kinks to work out. Also, I went to the Surf Spot based on glowing reports from people I know and trust. I had an excellent experience and was in no way disappointed. This is not to negate the experiences of others, but in the beginning, a restaurant's performance is bound to be somewhat uneven. The restauranteur is learning the idiosyncrasies of the new equipment and employees. It sometimes takes a while to find out if you have hired the right people. Let's all cut each other a little slack and give everyone a chance to shine.

Restaurants always go over budget, I've never seen one come in on budget or schedule. Surf Spot is doing it smart. They stopped the lunch service while they worked out the kinks, and have started it back again, and while they sent the hostesses, did anyone ever think the owners might be busy elsewhere? I personally don't see this as a negative sign. It's still in its infancy. Give it a chance to thrive before you start the doom & gloom campaign.

Had dinner there a couple of months ago. Nothing special, not worth a repeat visit.

Pacifica isn't the cultural Mecca of the world!

Hey, don't even speculate about it closing. I did some work for the SURF SPOT and they were all very much into what they were building. I pray to God they can make it work. If it were on College Avenue or in North Beach, you'd need to make reservations way in advance. The SS is a great local fancy dive.

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