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Pacifica's Rumor Mill: The Truth Fairy Strikes Again

We hear all kinds of interesting rumors and ask our sources to track down the facts, but until we get the skinny, here are the latest unsubstantiated rumors for you to chew on: Ann Ritzma will become the new city manager; Denny's is closing due to high rent at Linda Mar shopping center; The Surf Spot is for sale; and the Devil's Slide Tunnels opening is delayed again due to electronic/electrical problems. So whaddya got?


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Eventually, every ground floor business space in Eureka Square will be empty at the same time every upstairs office space in the north building will be filled with psychologists and psychiatrists.

Hi, Steve: We pick up TVs free of charge curbside with your two annual bulky-item pickups.

The world might be coming to an end.

Sinai is finally starting to make sense.

Sinai 1

Loeb 0

Bray -1

Because they can.

Chris, I hate to sound like Lionel, but why does Recology charge $20 to drop off a TV set at the recycling yard, when I can go to places in Burlingame and SF and get rid of the TV for free?

Garbage rates are not going up.

Sewer rates are not going up, but garbage rates are.

Sewer tax bills are going up another 10 percent.

More from The Truth Fairy:
Holiday Inn will add 32 rooms (Horizons); Denny's allegedly will be a Red Robin; The Surf Spot is in trouble. Guess we didn't have enough volleyball players in town

You left out Holiday Inn's purchase of Horizons in Rockaway Beach

The Devil's Slide Tunnels are scheduled to open March 25, 2013.

I got this: The tunnels opening celebration will be March 25, a week earlier than the last estimate.

There are leprechauns in the quarry.

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