Sharp Park Golf Course: Summer Solstice
Karma Comes to Pass on the Freeway

Unmarked Police Car Tags Speeder on Highway 1

Cynthia Luce recently saw a dark blue sedan chase and pull over a speeder on Highway 1. The only reason she knew it was a police car was the flashing lights in the rear window and the two uniformed cops who jumped out of the unmarked car (probably an undercover vehicle pressed into service). This was evidently part of the San Mateo County mutual-aid agreement that allows other jurisdictions to help Pacifica police with traffic enforcement. Drivers, beware! Slow down, signal lane changes, obey the law, and don't be a jerk.


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"The reason why they are going to widen the highway is because it is an unsafe bottleneck ..."

As opposed to the safe bottleneck at the tunnels.


Check the California Penal Code.

Lots of things in there that will amaze you!

If you guys in your Priuses would move to the right, there would be no problem. Haha.

BTW, from what I understand, it's against police department policy to hide to catch speeders. Their marked vehicles are supposed to be a deterrent to crime. If they hide, there could be a serious accident that wouldn't have happened if they were out in the open.

I have seen PD hiding on the onramp going north in Sharp Park. If you see something like this, report the car number.

One day two CHP officers on motorcycles were doing a maximum enforcement on Highway 1. Everyone needs the money: cities, county, and state. The easy way is to ticket people at almost $400 a ticket.

Some mentioned they saw a Burlingame police car doing speed enforcement on Fassler.

The reason why they are going to widen the highway is because it is an unsafe bottleneck, and the issue has been debated for more than 35 years.

People speed all the time on Highway 1 in Pacifica, and no one tags them. I wonder if that's the real reason for the widening-the-highway proposal: so more people can speed down the coast faster?

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