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December 04, 2013


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Glad to see the "file is damaged and could not be repaired" still when clicking on the link.

How about this: The City Council members read and understand the Open Meetings Act and decide to follow the law. Maybe the file will miraculously repair itself. Maybe the 2014 election can't come soon enough!

One has to wonder how the new city manager is looking at this clownfest. It probably looked like the challenge of a lifetime in terms of a career opportunity. I wish her, and this city, well. It's going to take a lot of luck and probably several miracles to pull us back from the brink of fiscal disaster caused by utter incompetence.

The other big problem, as I see it, is the city attorney. Advising the council that it's OK to discuss public policy in closed session (police outsourcing, UUT, etc.) is illegal, but because she knows they can get away with it, it goes on.

If the council really wants to help the new city manager succeed, the city attorney needs to be shown the door, pronto. Then with a successor with no baggage, perhaps good advice about open government will be forthcoming and we can start rebuilding trust.

Oh boy, having just had a second breeze through this draft document is the next version of how to hand-pick the people you want because you can count on what they will say.

Rather than Stone trying to reinvent the wheel because he doesn't know how to operate the one he was elected to, let's encourage him not to run again next year. He's not been much use other than his attempts to raise taxes along with Nihart, O'Neill, and Ervin.

What laziness.

People: The Stone (et al.) version of the “City Communications Plan” tells the public that local "doublethink" is inevitable if the Ministry of Truth at City Hall has anything to do with it.

I find it ironic that Mayor Len Stone, one of the authors of the city Communications Plan, unfriended me on Facebook.

My first take on this document is that it is too focused on getting the city's message out. More emphasis on how listening to and including the public in the decision-making process would make for better communications and more trust in the end.

Before Nihart, Stone, Ritzma, and Rhodes, we never needed an "appointed by council" subcommittee, whose members remain anonymous, to write up a draft document to intentionally shield council from the public. If this is the way of Stone et al., to me it seems clear that these people think they have crowns on their noggins.

The staff person in charge of this should have had an editor go over this document before posting it as an official document on the city website. Yikes!

Page 11 under ground rules: What is said in the room, stays in the room, yet notes are being taken with identities not mentioned. This is about communication, right? And different opinions are wanted and respected? Really???

Under news media in town, I found it interesting to see that Patch was mentioned but not Riptide. Let's include all the social media in town and not just those that support one side of the argument.

Amusingly, when I clicked on the link provided, it said: "This file is damaged and could not be repaired."

I'll say.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for reporting that problem, Lionel. The Communications Plan (aka Communications Policy) link on the city website's home page should work properly, but if it doesn't allow you to download the draft document, you shouldn't be too surprised. At that point, I suggest calling City Hall to ask for a hard copy -- and a free puppy.)

Exactly! When the powers that be mingle only within their own tight circles, they become tone deaf. This election should be a wakeup call that they need to get out into the public more and rely less on pushing out messages that speak only to the converted. Maybe now they'll realize that's what they've been doing, which is an important first step. Too bad it cost tens of thousands of city dollars [taxpayer dollars] for that lesson to (maybe) be learned.

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