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December 13, 2013


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Rick, several years ago the city did a simple layover to cover our short street, which was never properly paved. So there are things being done. It takes the threat of nuclear destruction to get it to happen, but it does. Linda Mar Boulevard is a beautiful interstate compared to streets like Rockaway or Reina Del Mar, so whine all you want, but the Measure A Local Share money the city gets every year (about $900,000 to do local street repairs) is it. A funny fun fact about the Measure A money is that we receive 40 percent more in Local Share funds than we contribute to Measure A through our local sales tax base. It always cracks me up when people say, "Build the highway! It's our money!" Well, it's not. We make far more from Measure A funds than we have ever contributed. Cracks me up.

Yes, Linda Mar Boulevard will be repaved in 2014 from a grant the city received. The new city manager, Lorie Tinfow, confirmed this at a public meet and greet the Chamber of Commerce hosted at Nick's Restaurant on December 12. It will look great once finished.

Tom is correct. Linda Mar Blvd. will be completely repaved from Hwy 1 to Adobe in 2014.

As I understand it, Linda Mar Boulevard will be repaved early next year.

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