Solid-Waste Collection Rates in San Mateo County
Look, Ma, No Hands: Joe Leonard @ Bay Meadows

California DMV Traffic Fines Effective 2014

- Driving without driver's license: $214

- Changing address without notifying DMV: $214

- Driving without insurance and having accident: $796 with license suspension for 4 years

- Run red light: $533

- Run over yellow double solid lines: $425

- Forbidden U-turn: $284

- Exceeding speed limit (1-15 miles per hour): $224

- Exceeding speed limit (16-25 miles per hour): $338

- Driving too slow: $328

- No stop at stop sign: $284

- Passing school bus when red lights flash: $675

- Using cell phone while driving (first time): $160

- Parking in bus stop: $976

- Not turning headlights on when it is dark: $382

- No seat belt while driving: $160

- Kid without seat belt or car seat: $436

- Wearing headphones while driving: $178


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So, driving 90 mph in a 65 mph zone, a practice that kills, will cost $328 -- but parking in a bus loading zone will set one back almost $1,000. Boggles my mind...

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