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(from Norina Tang's post on NextDoor.com's Rockaway Beach site; edited for clarity and space)

I am writing to provide an update on The Rock. Last October, I received a notice about a proposed development on The Rock (the hill between Fassler Avenue, Sea Bowl Lane, and Highway 1).

The proposal was for a mixed-use development consisting of two buildings with 20,000-plus square feet of commercial space and 63 condominium units (two to three bedrooms each). The notice mentioned a study session with the Pacifica Planning Commission on this topic in one week.

After receiving the notice, I put together a petition opposing this development. With the help and support of many Pacificans, we quickly gathered 75+ signatures on the petition. Many also attended the study session, resulting in a record turnout for such a meeting.

Since then, Todd Bray has spoken to the owner/developer Guru Thalapeneni, and I have spoken to our State Assemblyman Kevin Mullin and Pacifica Mayor Mary Ann Nihart. I am happy to report that for now it appears that Guru is dropping his proposed development and that no future proposals are on the table.

We are safe for the time being! Yippee! Thank you all for your help and support on this matter, which will undoubtedly help preserve the beauty and quality of life we all enjoy here in Pacifica. I will keep you posted about any future proposed development of The Rock. If another unsuitable proposal is on the table, I hope I can count on you again for your support in opposition to it.

(Posted by John Maybury, Pacifica Riptide, Pacifica, California)


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Dear Norina Tang and anyone else interested in development along the Fassler corridor:

Unbeknownst to the public at large, there is a study session Monday, March 17, for a bigger project on the west side of Fassler. It's hard to see, because it's not identified on the City Calendar, nor is it listed on the city Planning Commission agenda for Monday, March 17. But there is a PDF file uploaded, "03/17/14 Study Session Agenda (1.64 MB)" and you can read it here:

This new proposed project replaces the generally approved "Prospects" by developer Rick Lee: It is higher (violates Hillside Preservation District ordinance), bigger, and has a new road proposed.

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