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BREAKERS is a great breakfast place to go. I've been several times now, and it is, most of all, consistent. BREAKERS reminds me of SF breakfast spots like THE PORK STORE up on Haight or JUST FOR YOU down on 22nd St. at 3rd St. (Dogtown for those who know) for comfort and atmosphere. My wife loves the crab crepes and is amazed at how much crab meat they contain, and I go for the blueberry pancakes with a side of sausage patty. ( I didn't know blueberry pancakes could support so many blueberries without falling apart). Every time I cash out, I thank the guy for opening in Rockaway. I feel we are very lucky to have that plus Rockin' Rob's just across the street. Hopefully BREAKERS will attract other restaurants that remind me of CHA-CHA-CHA's or PAULINE'S. I'd mention a few others, but I don't want to jinx anything.

Breakers is our new breakfast place to go! Great food, great service, happy atmosphere. Pleasant place to go to relax and have a wonderful meal. Plus you have the great view! Go, you won't be disappointed!

had breakfast at THE BREAKERS...good food, good service, good atmosphere. Hope it prospers.

Don't forget there is Salada Beach Cafe, too. But I'll go check out this "Stacks by the Sea" soon.

Most of you should skip pancakes. Celery and carrot stick or an apple or orange. One tablespoon of peanut butter.

Now give me 20 laps each, you slackers.

Looking forward to going there in the next few days. Linda Mar is a long way to go for pancakes. :)

Res, who do you think you are, "Gordon Ramsey"? We needed a great pancake breakfast spot in Pacifica. They serve local fresh food with variety. I'm thrilled they are here.

Res: Perhaps if you had posted your comment in the form of a palindrome -- "Res: retune menu terser"

Thanks, Chris Fogel, for saying what I was thinking and saying it somewhat more politely than I would have.

Res: The Breakers menu, though extensive, is mostly a variation on "eggs, milk, and flour," so I disagree with pretty much everything you've stated.

The restaurant has just opened its doors and a good number of Pacificans have invested their time and money into making it work; let's give them a little respect and a fair shake. If you truly wish them the best, how about patronizing the business first before implying (anonymously, natch) that the food is not fresh or locally sourced.

I wish them the best of luck.
But an extensive menu is not good for food quality (nor profitability). One needs a small menu where all the items can be sourced fresh locally, not a huge menu filled with items kept in the freezer for that one day in ten that someone actually orders it.

Deep fried chicken & waffles?....hmmm, add an Irish coffee and cover the six basic food groups: grease, salt, sugar, white flour, alcohol and caffeine.

My wife and I had lunch here this afternoon. What a great spot!

They have a VERY extensive menu with something for everyone on it: pancakes, waffles, omelets, crepes, frittatas, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and more. It's only day three for them, so their deep fryers haven't been hooked up yet, so I was unable to order the chicken & waffles, but I had blueberry waffles, which were great; the real deal with fresh blueberries.

Local ownership owned/operated by the same group that runs Goodfellas, with very friendly staff and service.

Highly recommended.

Found it. "Menu coming soon ..."

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