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March 03, 2014


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Dan is a great plumber. We call him every time we have a plumbing issue. I pray ye all do the same.

Thanks, Dan -- Hope to call you soon to get this implemented at our house. It is important to get this done correctly, by a professional such as yourself.

Also, a hot-water recirculating system saves about 10 percent on the monthly water bill.

If you have sprinkler timers, adjust them. I drive around when it's pouring rain, and people's sprinklers are flooding the grass and all that water is just running down the street.

Plus, put rationing on the Southern California water stealers.

I must admit that I haven't stayed up-to-date on the laws around gray-water use. I refer people to greywateraction.org. There you can learn to do your own system or find someone who doesn't have to charge like a plumbing contractor to set up your gray-water system. I expect that any cutting into a waste pipe of any kind will require a permit and might well require a plumbing contractor for the initial part of the job. Wastewater can be dangerous stuff, which is why we have plumbing codes, and it is why those states (including California) that allow gray-water use have very specific approved ways of designing your gray-water system.

Also, Karen, that is an excellent idea. Kitchen sink water as gray water is quite controversial once it goes down the drain. I, for one, would not consider cutting into a kitchen sink drain for a gray-water system. It might not be so dangerous in a totally vegan household, but I still wouldn't do it. Your method, catching it before it goes down the drain, is excellent. You know what is in it and if you have washed a chicken in there, you can dump it down the drain instead of on your garden.

I think that California may have passed a law allowing gray water shortly after the original article was written in 2009: http://greywateraction.org/content/requirements-no-permit-systems-california

Dan, I just sent off an email asking for these changes to be made.

Over the last few months, I have become more conscious of ways that I can use water twice. My favorite recommendation is to place a large non-breakable bowl in your kitchen sink to collect water used in food prep. Rinse water from veggies and pasta water and dishes just needing a quick rinse goes into the bowl. It is amazing how fast this bowl gets filled up doing just this. I then use the water on my houseplants. Doing this helps to cut down on my water bill as well as remind me to water my plants!

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