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Train to Nowhere

Follow Dan Walters’ political analysis in the Sacramento Bee (, especially his columns on state government shenanigans, including the $15 billion gap in funding for the Train to Nowhere (Governor Jerry Brown’s vanity/legacy high-speed rail project, whose bloated budget now exceeds $68 billion and whose route plan looks like the Chutes and Ladders game board).



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Caltrain can barely stay alive. I think this money will be better used to fix the water problem. Since the last California rain deficit years, from the late 70s to now, the population has doubled. More and more water gets diverted to Central Valley farms from The Central Valley Water Project than ever before. California has not added to the water supply since the 1960s. A couple of smaller local dams have been built and increased. I think water conservation needs to preached due to the fact that people have very short memories. People with water timers continue to water three days a week and a stream of wasted water runs down the street.

The state is also trying to float another idea to move more water around the Delta. Every time they come up with a fix for the Delta or canal project, it's hold on to your wallets. They will find a way to divert more water south.

Being that you can get on a cheap flight and get to Southern California in an hour or less, I find this is a waste of time and money. I also heard that the state is out of money for this project at the end of the year.

Plus, does the state really need the additional debt? Really, after Arnold, and his debt spending binge?

What Carl May said.

Also, I am very much in favor of public transportation and particularly high-speed rail. It is a surprise to me to feel such misgivings about issues I am generally so ready to support. I keep feeling as if local, stat,e and federal governments are all hoping to sneak something terrible past me. I keep thinking that I have become too cynical, and then they do something else that indicates some cahoots with the multinational corporate devil. I want to encourage all of us to make sure that we cut those politicians who haven't disgraced themselves some slack, as these are difficult times, and the good guys need some room to maneuver.

This in a state that has just received an "F" rating for transparency in how state funds are spent. There is no good idea that California state government can't screw up.

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