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April 16, 2014


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Sharp Park was a great place to live. I moved there in 1947. It was just a small town. Volunteer fire department. The firehouse was our 25 cent movie theater. City Hall was our school back then. Frank's old bus was the school bus, and also made 2 trips to West Portal. That was the only transportation to SF. Bill Regan was our sheriff. Mrs. Washington was our Cub Scout leader. Bob Pope was our Boy Scout leader. Reverend Harkins was the preacher at the Little Brown Church. Mrs. Aikens lived in the Castle. I can go on and on. Sharp Park had so many people and families that made it a great place to live.

Not beautiful for long! April 21 Planning Commission meeting has yet another outsized development project, which requested a variance to the Hillside Preservation District (HPD) ordinance.

The proposed project has a much larger footprint and height than the original proposed.

The HPD is a local ordinance that preserves the views in Pacifica and keeps it obvious: Pacifica IS scenic.

For now.

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