Riptide Returns: The Outage Is Over
i before e, except...


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Hey, that photo is from my hometown!

I can pass on some easy tips the folks back home have learned. To see how severe it's been there, check these numbers: Magnitude, Last quake, Total numbers.

7 04 Sep 2010 4:35am 1
6 23 Dec 2011 3:18pm 3
5 25 May 2012 2:44pm 57
4 13 Apr 2014 8:36am 479
3 17 Apr 2014 10:24am 3806

So the tips:

Tie a torch to your bed post. When all your stuff is in a pile on the floor, windows smashed, you don't want to have to go find a torch in bare feet.

Have lots of drinking water on hand.

Have lots of dried meals on hand (camping outlets sell good ones).

Have a camping gas cooker on hand. And gas!

Have something you can use as a toilet. A bunch of plastic bags that fit over the toilet bowl will work, but have a bucket, too, in case the bowl is smashed.

Have lots of pet food on hand.

Have an old-style phone that doesn't need power.

Make sure you can charge your cell phone through your car.

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