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Yeah, it's really good to know that we can buy meat that's sustainably harvested, and not "factory farmed" -- a euphemism for the filthy, cruel, fear-filled existence that is the source of most animal products.

From what I saw, they are extremely overpriced.

$19.95/lb. for king salmon is pretty damn steep. You can buy it even fresher off the boats in Princeton right now for $11.95/lb. I know they have overhead, but if they are catching this fish themselves, they should be able to have much better pricing.

I'm glad they are in my hood, but I don't see them surviving charging those prices.

I just got some truly excellent salmon there yesterday.


Stuckey's has been selling fresh fish at the Half Moon Bay Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.

I hope Stuckey's Sustainable Seafood does well in that location. It's always been a tough spot for businesses. The markup on seafood is tremendous. Safeway pays $2 a pound for crabs and sells them for $5-$8. Since this guy is supposedly a commercial fisherman, he should be able to offer good prices. If Stuckey's has some competitive prices, I will shop there. If not, I'll continue to go to Princeton harbor and buy off the boats or other sources.

Great to read that Stuckey's Sustainable Meat and Seafood is coming to Pacifica. It is so important to absolutely avoid factory-farmed animal meat and seafood. Not only do these animals endure unimaginable suffering, the meat from these sources is of very poor quality. These animals are in extremely poor health and are forced to consume unnatural feed laden with GMO (DNA-altered) corn and soy, pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Then humans in turn consume this meat. It is time to get back to real, NORMAL food! Rather, choose meats from animals that have organic, grass-fed diets. Not only are they humanely treated, the quality of the meat is highly nutritious and healthier for humans, who need animal protein in their diets.

Here's a clue:


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