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Chicken of the Sea Awards $10,000 to Pacifica Beach Coalition

In October you helped me win the Cox Conserves Hero award through KTVU-TV, and along with that award came a check to the Pacifica Beach Coalition for $10,000. We just spent that money on our Earth Day of Action & Ecofest event, which resulted in more than 7,000 volunteers; 4,500 students who received Snowy Plover assemblies; 14 schools; 135 businesses; 150 community groups; 45 ecobooths; and one united community that took action to help the environment! 
Well, your support has just brought PBC another award and a new $10,000 check! Nominated by KTVU-TV (which learned of PBC's work through the Cox Award), Pacifica Beach Coalition was chosen as the Chicken of the Sea -- Gratitude award winner -- on the Mermaid Pay It Forward Tour as Chicken of the Sea celebrates 100 years of Good by honoring 100 groups each with a $10,000 check.
We at PBC are so grateful for your support and for having our mission shared with hundreds of thousands of people by KTVU for Cox and Chicken of the Sea!  There is a lot of work to be done and our mission to end litter is no small task. So this new award of $10,000 is helping us to dream big. Rest assured that this money will be spent making a difference in Pacifica that ripples throughout the US and every ocean! Hopefully, our work will continue to educate, inspire, and engage people all over the world to know and do the Little Things That Matter.
Now let's get to work on that tobacco litter! Won't you join us with your daily Little Things That Matter actions of picking up litter, conserving resources of the Earth and ocean, recycling, walking, biking, carpooling, using your voice for the environment, sharing the shore, respecting birds and their habitat.

Lynn Adams, President, Pacifica Beach Coalition


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Congratulations to everyone, and to Lynn and active leadership in PBC for making it easy for Pacificans to work together to accomplish cleaner, safer, and habitat-friendly beaches. Just yesterday I saw one of America's warblers, a foraging male Common Yellowthroat in the tiny wetland at the south end of the beach.

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