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NextDoor CEO/Founder Nirav Tolia Sued and Criminally Charged for Hit & Run Crash

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—May 14, 2014—A lawsuit has been filed by the law firm of Brent, Fiol & Nolan on behalf of 50-year-old Patrice Motley, a self-employed executive recruiter from San Francisco, for damages she sustained in an accident caused by Nirav Tolia, the wealthy CEO of Nextdoor, a widely acclaimed neighborhood-building social network.

San Mateo District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has also confirmed that his office will pursue a felony charge against Nirav Tolia for causing the car wreck and leaving the scene of the accident where Ms. Motley was injured in August 2013.

The complaint alleges Ms. Motley suffered neck and back injuries, fracture of bones in her left hand, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which have rendered her incapable of accomplishing routine tasks necessary for independent living and which have seriously impacted her ability to earn a living.

Joseph Brent, of San Francisco law firm Brent, Fiol & Nolan LLP, who is representing Patrice Motley, said he has never seen a more callous example of someone trying to get away with a crime. “By fleeing the scene of the accident, Nirav Tolia left Patrice Motley discarded at the side of the road and feeling as if she were a piece of garbage,” said Brent. “The trauma of not knowing whether her car would be hit again as cars sped by has left Patrice unable to live a normal life.”

Brent added, “I find it ironic that as a model citizen renowned for her kindness and community involvement, Patrice is exactly the kind of person Mr. Tolia would want using his Nextdoor online platform designed to foster community.”

Brent, Fiol & Nolan LLP is a personal injuries law firm known for taking on and winning tough cases that other firms have passed over. The firm’s broad knowledge, and extensive trial and mediation experience, have been instrumental in verdicts and settlements for clients valued in more than $10 million dollars since the firm formed in 2008.


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