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If this was done illegally, there should be penalties -- financial and possibly criminal.

@ Peter: The only other guy along there with plots is Dave Blackman, who has at last count eight. It will be interesting to see how the Twin Pinnacles people work with Dave to develop a road, sewage collection, drainage, and other things needed to support one family home on the far side of the Rockaway Valley. Paradise lost. I have a feeling the Pinnacle people are not so Pollyannaishly hands-off as they say. The clearing allows them access at a time when they need access. So who is really who here?

In the end, it is about money. Pinnacle money, Blackman money, it doesn't matter. A hillside was plowed under, allowing access that didn't exist before that hillside was plowed under. Oh, and the funny thing is, a pickup truck stands vigil across the newly minted access path created.

Who did the illegal clearing? Does anybody know? Is anything being done about it? Inquiring minds want to know ...

How about asking the City of Pacifica Planning Department? It should know.

Hello, this is Javier Diaz-Masias from Twin Pinnacles Construction, and I happened upon this post by chance. After reading the various threads on this post, I would appreciate the opportunity to clear my name and project from any association with the illegal Oddstad clearing, especially, since my name and company were boldly and blatantly put out there with very serious misinformation and huge assumptions by Christine Coppola – whom I never lied to. I was honest with Christine. I was in no way involved with the Oddstad clearing, and I have been officially cleared of involvement by the City of Pacifica as of June 5. If you would like confirmation, please contact Pacifica code enforcement officer Lamont or Kathryn Farbstein from the planning department.

I would also like to say that I understand how this illegal activity would cause anger and resentment in the neighborhood. There is no way that I (and my established, licensed, and professional company) would ever be involved in this type of activity. I am currently working on submitting my own project to the city and have been working closely with the City of Pacifica to provide any documentation and reports, etc. that they request from me. Javier Chavarria (also a professional, square civil engineer as mentioned in a different post) is working on my project. Please consider us the straight arrows on this topic, as we are (and always have been) cooperating with the city and code enforcement. It is unfortunate timing that this issue occurred as I’ve been preparing my project, but my property has been inspected and cleared of any involvement. My lots are intact and untouched. Other lots have been illegally cleared, but not mine.

I am planning to build a house for my family and me, including my wife (raised in Pacifica since she was 4 years old), our two toddlers, and teenage son. I have had the opportunity to speak with a few of the neighbors and explained my honest intentions for my own property. As I’ve mentioned, I’d like to make it very clear that my project is in no way associated with the clearing, and it is my hope that the neighborhood will not, going forward, relate my project to any of the clearing that occurred. I look forward to meeting more of the neighbors as time passes.

I hope Javier Chavarria is not the new city engineer, a staff position. He's a talented designer and a straight and square engineer. I would imagine the Planning Department has a list of local contractors/engineers/architects as a service to would-be property owners -- I hope.

By definition, the Planning Department is pro-development -- it's their job. How much they make an applicant hoe the corn is another issue. If there is a dispute between an applicant and the department, it will usually go to the Planning Commission for review and a final call on the issue at hand. The commission is made up of seven volunteers who are political appointees, so the commission can be very aggressively pro-development one year and, depending on who gets elected to City Council, can be very anti-development the next, but in the end it all evens out. Usually.

The interesting/sad/great thing about all this is an applicant often has no intention of building at all but rather seeks an "entitlement" to his/her raw property for X amount of development, making it instantly worth more.

As far as the owner in question, he will be in the spotlight before he ever makes an application to the Planning Department. Hehehe, hubris is a MF'er.

Mistake, sorry. The engineer Chavarria does not work for the city; he was just referred by the city to the developer.

I have found out who was responsible for the clearing without permits.
It was Javier Diaz-Masias of Twin Pinnacles Construction in San Francisco. When I originally asked him, he denied it -- and I believed him -- silly me.

I do not think he will be cited by code enforcement. That seems wrong to me.
And the Planning Department referred the owner to the new city engineer, Javier Chavarria. He knows the city and has been successful at developing properties.

I am new at this, so excuse the question if it seems stupid, but is the Planning Department pro-development? It receives permit money from contractors, and contractors have to pay for their time during the review process. Doesn't that make Planning more beholden to the developer instead of to a resident who is not paying for it except through some tax money?

Code enforcement is very responsive -- even though I did not like its decision. But the Planning Department person was pretty clear that I was taking up her time and that it was not yet paid. At one point, she told me that I had already taken 14 minutes and 35 seconds of her time. I was pretty shocked.


This parcel comes to mind.

Far end of Oddstad.

Dan, there is a paper street just off Rockaway. If you turn right at 600 Rockaway, walk over the little bridge toward the fancy house and you will see a very wide dirt road that has been cut with heavy equipment. The city has taken a look and the California Fish and Wildlife Department has been called in to assess the damage to the creek.

BTW, this is all because a couple of concerned residents (not me) asked a couple of questions of the city and the contractor, who is operating without a permit, which means no CEQA review, public review, or fees to the city.

Oddstad Way is a paper street (undeveloped) in the Rockaway Boulevard area east of Highway 1.

I'm failing to understand the reference to Oddstad. The only Oddstad I am familliar with is at the back of San Pedro Valley. I am clearly missing something here.

I did some digging on the county website, and I could find only one parcel in the area (APN: 022-055-140) owned by someone from San Francisco. On the parcel map, it looks fairly large, so perhaps the owner is planning to subdivide it into two lots.

At the other end of Oddstad is a project approved by the city in 2006. Since then, the property changed hands, and the current owner has gotten development permit extensions every year since then.

Recently, the parcels next to this project have been put up for sale:


When I looked at the MLS the other day, I noticed two other lots in the area up for sale.

It was NOT Dave Blackman. According to a NEXTDOOR message from a neighbor near the site, the owner is from San Francisco, has two lots, and says he is clearing to drill core samples. The neighbor also added that Dave would not do that level of damage, which I also believe. Whoever this SF guy is, he ain't a Pacifican or a Rockaway resident.

Sorry, Dave, please accept my apology -- or punch me in the face.

If it's the area to the south of Rockaway Boulevard, those lots were bought by Pacifica builder Dave Blackman over the past few years for next to nothing because the lots are on a paper street. If he is clearing away brush and trees without a permit, much less a CEQA review of some sort, he knows better.

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