City Council Races: Start Asking Tough Questions Now
Mountain Lion Spotted at Rosita and Perez in Linda Mar


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Maybe I missed it in my scan, but I noticed nothing on the toxicity of substances from asphalt itself, with regard to specific potentially impacted biological elements mentioned in the report and any waterways and ground into which runoff from the pavement may drain. With an increased impervious area, there will be increased pulses of runoff that will potentially cause physical change to any streams or other channels into which the runoff is directed. (From comments elsewhere on Riptide, I can see another rip-roaring El Nino might be needed to remind coastsiders of major problems caused by large amounts of runoff during storms.)

Although some negative impacts of onsite construction activities are mentioned, nothing is said about the offsite physical, chemical, and biological effects of mining, processing, and transport of the paving and other building materials involved and the energy use involved in such activities. The destructive footprint of a project like this goes far beyond the construction site itself, though it may be a calculated decision to leave such concerns to lawsuits beyond CEQA or avoid them in favor of simpler matters that make a stronger case to judges not likely to understand or add up cumulative impacts.

Wow! Thank you to Celeste and Brian for that interesting document! I know most of the conversation about this topic in town has been focused on traffic, safety, and endangered species, but what caught my eye while reading was the changes to the infrastructure of water.

I hadn't been aware of the various pipes in the vicinity of this proposed project and how that would impact Pacifica. If I am reading this correctly, ALL of the water for Rockaway, Linda Mar, Pedro Point, and the tunnels (and possibly our new park at Devil's Slide) comes through ONE pipe that would have to be moved during construction. Does this mean our water will be turned off for these sections of town for hours or even days during this construction? Will they give us notice of this? What impact will that have on all of the businesses (including Linda Mar Shopping Center) and schools in this part of town? I think these are questions that definitely need to be addressed by Caltrans.

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